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The school space can also become a learning incubator for the community after-school hours and on the weekend introducing Parenting Workshop, Nutrition and Computer training classes, etc.
Target Area: Ashulia Industrial Zone
Target Population: Children of local industrial workers, parent and teachers, local residents
Engaged learning and teaching through hand-on experiences, field trips, career days, community engagement projects, development of reading habits, leadership camps, self-discipline, team-work, competitions, imagination and creative thinking, arts and culture, disciplined work-habits, involvement in play and sports
Create Community connectedness through programs that brings the community together such as school fair, reading clubs, computer training for both adults and children, monthly parenting workshop, creating scope for parents to volunteer in their children’s class, neighbourhood clean-up programs
Continuous teachers’ development through training by experts in the field of child psychology and well-being, and early childhood learning experts.
Help the learners to be develop language skill from early age both with the proper pronunciations of Bengali and English language. Volunteer Students from colleges in USA and from Bangladesh will be involved with the local kids encouraging the learning through fun methods and mentoring.
Building strong moral character and ethical standards through monthly programs on values and world-views introducing role models, regular practices and awards,

Current Stage of the Project: The external and internal structural design (for 4 storied building) has been approved by the structural engineer and the plans have been approved by the local authority. The 2 and half Katha land has been cleared for starting the shallow foundation of the school.
Projected cost for initial 2 storied school building: 36 Lac Taka

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