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The Program Goal of HFA addressed through this project
Goals 1: To instil the ability of transformational leadership in young people so they can emerge as a force of positive change in their communities
Goal 3: To create a connecting platform of individuals, organizations and community members who would work together to build a supportive environment of positive growth to help the youth reach their true potential.
Goal 4: To build awareness on the positive use of leisure time that can foster self-expression, development of identity, feelings of autonomy and sense of achievement

Value: Every Child from irrespective of social background, religion, ethnicity or disabilities can rise to their potential if proper environment and guidance is provided from early childhood.
Objective: To build a school for low-income and underprivileged children that will provide effective early childhood learning experience in both Bengali and English language. The Primary school education will be designed in a way so that the children from Pre-K to grade 4 can have the right tools of communication and life skills to become—–
———an independent and creative learner
——–Caring and environmentally conscious citizen
——–Aware on one’s own interest and true potential
——–Responsible adult on health & hygiene; and
——–A person of strong moral character with a positive mind-set.

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