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In March 2016, 22 students from the Non-Profit Management class at the College of Brockport, State University of New York collaborated with Dr. Rehnuma Karim to design a Non-Profit Organization that can provide support in the communities to help the youth understand the benefits of a purposeful life. The students started discussing what we lack in our society today that is creating a barrier to help them grow up into a conscious and aware individual. Discussion and analysis of current trends supported their thoughts showing how a gap in real learning exist between the schools and the actual community that resulted in more than 40% high-school drop outs in USA, increased teen pregnancy and drug abuse ( 150 died of Heroin overdose , 2016). They also found that depression and underutilization of the youth’s creative energy are resulting from disengaged young people who are trying to find stimulations through negative and destructive life choices. This is why, the experts and students from the College of Brockport decided to take this initiative to build a platform which will help the youth of tomorrow in the process of becoming well-informed and responsible citizens by discovering their individual and collective strengths through activities connected to their interest, life at home and school, their the community and in the world.

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